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Author Jacqueline Amosw

Posted by jacquelineamos amos on April 20, 2010 at 12:31 AM Comments comments (1)

Authors Survival

To be an author of the present, and never speaking of the past, the mind cannot conceive the true meaning of historical aesthetics; the source of my instilment details, of the struggles just to stay alive, through indignation, betrayed into the dangerous character of an Author, I sought among the prosperity, to de program the destructions of a tube legations that toxins the mind, a free chose of birth, that constitute my liberty to speak, the army is not an army, when the warrior fights among each other, and the people suffer from the addictive addiction for power, what is revolution? When the windows are closed in, and there is no link, the miss conception of passage, Salvatore of righteousness; the loyalty died when the hero performed miracles.

But yet I found the aesthetics; modern Philosophy participated of the refinement, inflicting pain of the dead shall not rise, only if the truth is not told, my pen speaks of the dignity beyond death, the hero's of inheritance shall not die, only if I choose to speak in darkness, without recovery of my dignity and those who walk with prophecies that was given by the Almighty God in heaven, but unto those who cultivate with their victorious arms of greed, I shall recite the constitution of justice, but unto my people who lived upon the abomination of man and earth which they defended with their blood; excluding the human God's who dictate the solitary of un spoken truth. Nevertheless the sensitivity of truth may contaminate the order that has been resolve to an un civilized institution of dead man bureaucracies, I have travel places where no man has gone, subsided by the human death chambers of mind, but yet I conceive my proclamation of educational success through the congestion that the roots shall rise below the porous of the dead roots. In this hierologic prescriptions of those who continue to archive the historical events, consistently to an assertion of the rights of man, and the rights of Nature and events,

I give unto man the blue print of this divesting world, and man who close their eyes to the restitutions of change, yet on this first, and probably last occasion, in this resolution of aesthetics should I embark to see a cause like this rescued from the embroidery of my pen, if I exhort my reevaluations my pen shall become weak, in which I shall obtrude my Sentiments upon the world, I may be sensitize, if I inscribe a piece, whose only merit is the humanity and freedom of its historical lies, sentiments to darkness, shall only submerse the retro active completions of truth, I have principally on this journey under all odds of adjustment to derived them of biblical and historical facts. Beneath a milder sky let peace introduce the genius and arts and the libations of the ancestries, and the integrity without insuring their duration, to invoke passion and let philosophy and science glory in a race of illustrious disciples the prophets' seminary of spiritual grace.

I'll hear the voices, the ancestors of yesterday, Virtue's legacy of tongues Shall sound against genocide of race, Unto I focus on humble, shall not my dignity be inherited as cowardly infirmity, I stand by the instructions of the Almighty God, and Jesus the son of the savior, I take my instructions, with great wisdom of the stroll, Let thy brother stand in accord, let not their supplier of death, shall the sons of Commerce, fear not the wrath, loyalty if not embraced, worse than the midnight Devil, Fear not the marksmen plan.

Suffering through the darkness of UN Recovery, Libation I stand at attention, trying to understand, the darkness that lies upon the earth, Division stronger than the rivers that rise upon mans feet , The blood that runs from my veins, I shall take the lashing of the world, I shall not stand still, I shall run through the trill of fields, where my ancestors built the liberation, I shall run with the torch, sub servant to the lord, crying no victim song, no longer shall I stand still, summoned from the hill of justice the resurrection of change, until I spread the words of the Almighty God. my people to the mountain, when will we break the indoctrination of hatred disregarding all the laws of God, shall we get it right? I herd it on the mountain of recovery, one hand on the clock.

The Universe slowly comes to and end. My native land that lives by the accordance of the devil, after the legacy of our ancestors, multi color rainbow, have we come to a calamity, where man no longer care? The treason that sits upon the doors of our ancestors; The doors slowly closing, silhouetted by Satan, The scars of my hand, whispering the history, thou wisdom, thou love, waves fair well. Thou slave of avarice, that can't stop the mind.

The cancer of death, betrayal of a lost soul, trying to find self, The cage bird sings no victim song, He look upon the earth, He knows his space of sanctuary, And would not be captured by the beast, Dignity to man, if not kept safe, belligerency, shackles, deny my self of a mind, Ringing the chimes of inner death, Give me dignity are give me death, hatred of a memory, conformity, to another mans pledge. Hear the bellowing sounds rising up from the depths of humanity; Life is death, death is life, crying out to the soul of men words spoken, being placed in discord, words of peace. The soul of a poet, Life after death You shall embrace the words of ancient times, Through the universal space of mind .The peaceful place of integrity. Perhaps, you will hear the words, of calm, written from the poet within. The toxins of suffering, the sleeping darkness; the soul that rejects the formality of deterring ways.

Love calms the inner peace; I shall live, as my words, spoken with love. Poet after death, my words continue to live on. Darkness has no power off my pen. I live within, the words of a poet, death shall not, stop the spoken words, Life is death, Death is life, Poet the prophet of spoken words.

Spirits of thoughts, the birth of wisdom, Spirituality, understandings, Creations, life, death, love, cries of the earth, God that lives among, us all, the evolution of men, the man, the great tool of civilization, which he stands.

For Immediate Release

Posted by jacquelineamos amos on April 20, 2010 at 12:29 AM Comments comments (1)

For Immediate Release

Jacqueline Amos Honored as a VIP Member by

Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in Authorship and the Arts

BROOKLYN, NY, February 8, 2010, Jacqueline Amos, Published Author and Blues Artist, and Visual Artist, has been recognized as a VIP Member by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of authorship and the arts and education, .

With 35 impressive years of professional experience in the arts, Ms. Amos is truly an inspired visionary. Recipient of the Humanitarian Services Award, the Outstanding Artist Award and the Literature Award, her written works include, but are not limited to, A Message To A Black Son (2005) In My Fathers House (2004), All Men Who Ware Shades Ain’t Blind (2005). The Talking Tree (2005) Black Waters Tell Them My Name (2005), I Am A Black Women, I Am Old Enough To Dye (2005), A Message To A Daughter Honor Shall Not Be Removed (2004), Black Mans Diary (2006) What You Know About A Ghetto Child (2005) Songs of Experience, God Light Is Green, etc.

Ms. Amos received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and an Associate of Arts with a concentration in early childhood education from Medgar Evers College. Jacqueline was also featured on Medgar Evers College Radio(Biography, Roundtable Radio, Supreme Court Building, One Million Women March, City Bank, Long Island University, Public Schools, Harlem Gallery, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Charles Inns Memorial Library, Women Creative Expressions, Medgar Evers College Art Auction and Sale, Featuring the works of renown Black Artist, Sky Light Gallery, A Moment Of Time Independent Arts Gallery, Federal Plaza, Jacqueline has been an access to Educational, Universities, Corporations, Churches, Jacqueline mentored at the New Rochelle School of New Resources, Brooklyn Campus Faith Annual Career Day Conference, Medgar Evers College, Junior High Schools, Public Schools, Essie Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship Fund Committee , Black Woman History Month Family Jazz loft, Jacqueline created a painting for Honorable Winnie Mandela at the Victoria Theater Of Harlem. Jacqueline has spent most of her time donating many of her paintings to charities. Whether it is her services to programs for children. Jacqueline donated 5 paintings all proceeds donated to the children of Assin Kruwa for Brand New School House. Which was honored to chief test Zakia of Harlem. She has also volunteered her services to human life. Jacqueline honored the late Queen Mother Moore a painting In My Fathers House. Queen Mother Moore marched with Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Evers and many civil rights leaders. Many Collectors hold Jacqueline’s works of Art. Doctors, Universities, Hospitals, Churches, Banks, Corporations. Jacqueline prefer working in acrylic, but her over all goals are mix media. Jacqueline has combined her talents and promote all at the same time. Jacqueline has also honored Sonny Carson a painting that now sits in the office Committee To Honor Black Heroes.

Jacqueline is a graduate of Medgar Evers College, Cambridge Who's Who In America, Emerald, Jacqueline Amos a publish Author, documented with the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Schaumburg Library Of Black Studies, Ethiopia Coptic Church Museum, American Artist Association, International Word Wide Registry, Harlem Gallery, Harlem State Culture Building, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Medgar Evers College Historical Art Archives, Brooklyn Counsel Of The Arts, Emerald Who’s Who’ Executives and Professionals, World Wide Artist, Humanitarian Award, Philippians and American People, Proclamation Noumi Arts (Borough President, Howard Golden Proclamation from, (David A. Patterson, New York State Senate, 29th District, Bedford Styvesant Art and Culture, Black Hero’s, Medgar Evers College Alumni

Jacqueline Amos has been archived with the Renown Artist Skylight Gallery at Medgar Evers College, the Harlem Gallery, and Belsky Art Society, World Wide Review of Jacqueline Amos By Jurate Macnoriute Europe, Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Museum, The Center of Art and Culture of Bedford Stuyvesant Inc,, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Schaumburg Library of Black Studies, the International Directory of Artists, and the World Wide Art Registry. Ms. Amos has been featured on BCAT Television and performed 18 one-woman art shows. She has been featured at the African Cafe, on the Medgar Evers College radio, Rotunda and in the 7 episodes of The Biography of Artist Jacqueline Amos.

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